Principal's Message:

October  2020 

            Falling into change and opportunity   



Principal’s Message 


Dear P.S. 253Q Families, 


It has been a pleasure to see our students during in-person and remote learning as we reopened our doors.  While this school-year has already taken a twist with re-closure, I want to take a moment to assure you that the entire staff at P.S.253Q, operates with complete dedication towards finding opportunities to create and secure the best learning experience for all our students.  We thank you for your patience, understanding and ongoing collaboration.   

The days of this school year are rapidly progressing, presenting constant changes and unpredictability.  To ensure that you are up to date with the latest information regarding school closing/re-opening and school announcements, please visit our website( and the DOE site ( regularly.   

As students partake in remote learning, they will experience asynchronous(Independent Assignments) and synchronous(Live) instruction.  Take note that all synchronous instruction will take place on Zoom.  Asynchronous assignments and Zoom log-in information will be posted on iLearn, our Learning Management System.  Students must be present and prepared for learning every day on their daily Zoom meetings.   

While we are teaching and learning under new conditions, the resilience demonstrated by our students, staff, and each of you has been remarkable.  I encourage you to join me on October 22, for the SLT meeting.  Your thoughts and opinions are important and necessary to be heard, as we plan, assess, and refine goals and strategies that will enable all students to progress academically and maintain their social-emotional wellness.    

This month, remember we are ‘falling into change and opportunity’, while progressing towards successful outcomes! 


Champion On, 

Phoebe Robinson, Principal 

Looking Forward, 

Important Announcements for All Families:

Welcome, there are new protocols for all children who enter all NYC school buildings September 2020.

Upon arrival all students or the parent of the child must show their child's completed health screening digitally (Smartphone, IPad) or a paper copy (see below and attached). I have attached the link to the paper copy and the website where you can complete the survey. It must be presented before entering the school yard each day. Thank you!!


IMPORTANT Update for Families from Chancellor Carranza

Please open the Chancellor's Update for Families dated 9/21/20 , which contains information about the health screening process, including the health screening survey and temperature checks, as well as other helpful information on how to stay healthy and safe while in and out of school. Translations will be available on the Messages for Families page of our family-facing website. 
Oral thermometers will  backpacked home when students attend in person learning. We are also attaching a Home Screening flyer to remind everyone what to do before going to school each morning.
PS 253

Please see the latest Information and Guidance regarding the 2020 School Year:


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Social Emotional Balance - Mood Meter

What is the Mood Meter?

The Mood Meter is a tool used to recognize and understand our own and other peoples' emotions. It's divided into four color quadrants - red, blue, green, and yellow - each representing a different set of feelings. Feelings are grouped together on the mood meter based on their pleasantness and energy level.

Some classroom teachers utilize the MOOD meter both in school and through remote learning, to gauge their students readiness.  We believe that especially during these UNIQUE times, it is critical to address the Social Emotional Balance or all P.S. 253Q community members.  We encourage you to utilize the MOOD Meter provided to the right with its corresponding descriptions below:


  • Red feelings: High in energy and more unpleasant (e.g., angry, scared, and anxious)
  • Blue feelings: Low in energy and more unpleasant (e.g., sad, disappointed, and lonely)
  • Green feelings: Low in energy and more pleasant (e.g., calm, tranquil, and relaxed) 
  • Yellow feelings: High in energy and  more pleasant (e.g., happy, excited, and curious)

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence: Mood Meter Overview Video

To see more resources for Social Emotional Balance, please visit our Guidance Corner.

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